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About C-Note

CNotE, has been designed, keeping in mind challenges, sales teams face using paper based catalogues. CNotE is Digital Catalogue, with inbuilt notepad and email feature. It digitizes and automates, the complete lead generation process, by removing all the drawbacks in current process of paper based catalogue. It reduces the time to record and share the discussion over catalogue, from hours to minutes.


Dynamic Product Catalogue

In CNotE Product catalogue is dynamic. It can be appended any number of times and every user would be updated in real time about status of offering. It saves lot of reprinting and communication cost.

Digital Notepad

As in business all discussion revolve around products, therefore, CnotE, provides, unique product based digital note recording feature, which saves your discussion, separately for every product. Its very helpful in doing any kind of quick analysis.

Minutes of meeting Email

Most crucial and important part of any sales cycle is follow ups on the discussion happened in previous round. In CNotE, after saving contact details and pressing send button, a instant email of minutes of the meeting containing all the discussion recorded in digital notepad can be shared with all the stake holders.

Business Card Reader

Third step of every lead generation process, is business card exchange. Its very difficult in current process to keep all business cards. With Cnote OCR based feature, while closing discussion, user business card details can be saved in a click.


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